Pfälzer Hof Hotel Restaurant Weinkeller
Pfaelzer-Hof Edenkoben
Pfaelzer Hof

Our premises are well suited for all kinds of festivities and events. Our new outdoor restaurant Garten Eden offers a generous space full of air and sunlight and allows us to wait on large parties, for example your wedding celebration, with live music and dance if you like. We help you to make it a day to be remembered!

On our König Ludwig Gallery, a large table invites you to celebrate with up to 20 guests. Our rooms Hambacher Schloss and Schloss Villa Ludwigshöhe can accommodate up to 36 festivity guests.
Not to forget our romantic wine cellar with its genuine sandstone vaults. Here, you can choose between a proficiently discussed wine tasting, including a Palatine dish, or a wine tasting corresponding to your chosen menu.

During the grape harvest in autumn, you can comfortably taste a glass of wine in here.